Download Lucky Patcher Mod Apk v9.6.4 for Android (Official by ChelpuS)


Usually, we don’t require a lucky patcher. But envision that you download a great game, but finite characters, items, and resources need to be unlocked.

To unlock them, you have to expend money to buy through the Google play payment gateway.

The developers who Write games also require to make money.


lucky patcher Apk Information


App NameLucky Patcher Mod Apk
App VersionLatest
File Size9.3 Mb

Last Updated1 Day Ago

   Download Lucky Patcher Mod Apk


Mainly, this app can do a lot of things. It is also expected to be updated to support most Android phone’s numerous games and applications.

Remove And Block Ads

Games or apps on Android often combine AdMob ads. It will be defeat when you are playing and that ads appear, which cut your progress.

With your lucky patcher, you can remove annoying ads in any application.

Free to Buy In-App

You don’t even require to waste money to get items in-game. Just have a lucky patcher, and you can get your favorite things without the need for real money.

Bypass License Verification

Not all apps on the Google play store are free. These paid apps have a defense mechanism called license verification, so you won’t be able to run them even if you won the apk.

By Paid Apps For Free

By skipping the payment procedure on Google play, you can purchase paid apps without losing any money.

Remove And Modify App Permission.

Some apps or games have doubtful permission, .such as an offline game but need an interest connection.


Create Clone Application

Lucky patcher support user to identical application on their phones. It is swift.


Switches are part of lucky patcher,t which comprises other utility qualities that do not belong to the paramount quality.

* Automatically move apps to sd card 

* Automatically move apps to the device memory 

* Automatically update system application

* Google license verification emulation

* Google billing emulation


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